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Java is a computer language and a platform.
A language, as it can be used to write computer programs.
A platform, as it provides components like JVM, JDK and Java API.

  • JVM provides a platform to run any Java Application.
  • JDK provides a set of tools like compiler, editor and debugger.
  • Java API provides a very robust library for almost any purpose, which can be used to build the Java applications.

Java was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1991. Later on Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle Corporation.
Java was designed with a goal to run it on any kind of device i.e a language with the platform independence capability.
Also Java is a general purpose, easy to use, robust, portable and object oriented language. Java has provided the best of elements of C/C++ and some other languages while omitting those elements which make C/C++/Others complex, confusing or unsafe.

Java Technology is further categorized in the following four sub technologies :

  • Java Standard Edition (Java SE)
  • Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
  • Java Mobile Edition (Java ME)
  • Java Fx (rich internet applications)